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Securizare Server Anti GmMode!

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Securizare Server Anti GmMode!

Mesaj  [OwN]Marius la data de Dum Mar 13, 2011 4:27 pm

O sa postez in engleza cum am gasit si eu Rezolvarea

I do not go over this community, but I felt compelled to publish this guide ...
In fact, for the uninitiated, this guide serves to protect against those who use those tools stramaledettissimi German, which allow you to:

*activate gmmode
*shutdown core / server
*block chat
*kick the player
*send notice

and much more .. can do virtually anything they want ..

open the config file of each core (auth, first, game1_1, game1_2, etc. ..)

and inserted at the end of each file this line

Code: [Select]
adminpage_ip1: ip of your server



is not required to put the ip of your server, for example, I put my server ip to another.
it is preferable to put the same ip for each config, I do not know if it is required, because honestly I have not tested

Protect against attacks at the gates P2P
Here you must not make mistakes, even the smallest can make your server unreachable.
download this file. MHOYC85S
Open it with notepad and go to line 6, change the line here

Code: [Select]
IPF $ 1 allow all from IPDELVOSTROSERVER to-any

with .. Well, you can imagine ..
lower rows of this file you can see what is all this, or to block access to P2P ports of each core for all the ips that are not yours.
How do we know what is the p2p port of each core?
Go to the fourth line in the config file and you will see the port number.
for example, but the door is game1_1

Code: [Select]
P2P_PORT: 14001

I have the file you downloaded is configured with the default ports.
After you make the change mentioned above, save this file in / usr / local / etc
then open the file rc.conf located in the directory / etc / and insert this at the bottom:

Code: [Select]
firewall_enable = "YES" firewall_script = "/ usr / local / etc / ipfw.rules" firewall_type = "open" firewall_quiet = "YES" firewall_logging = "YES"

Now restart (reboot) and your problem is solved ..

peace and love

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